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We have a huge variety of payments at your service:

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We have been 4 years in the market so we know how to do a proper safe transfer to your account, you will keep your account from application bans when you buy from us, 100% guaranteed.

Who is ZPChips?

We have been in the market since 2009; supplying Facebook poker chips to thousands of players in the world. We have a top support and low prices to fulfill any order you need, if there is a need for chips, we fulfill it within minutes. We have a large network of suppliers and we are fully stocked to fulfill any of your needs. We are committed to you and will do every single possible thing to keep you happy.

What steps should i follow to purchase facebook chips from you?

There's a simple procedure to buy from us:

1) Check out our prices and decide for a quantity.

2) Pay for the package you choose.

3) Check your email, open the email we have sent you which contains your order number and enter our livesupport to receive your chips.

How do we transfer you the Facebook poker chips?

We use secure and fast transfer methods, we will provide you the instructions once your payment has been cleared and then our operators will transfer them directly to you. We don't ask for your facebook credentials, we simply transfer you face to face so all your info is safe and there's no third parties accessing your account

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